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How about a smart home theater system?


With the continuous development of the smart home industry, more and more smart home products and systems are recognized and used by consumers. Taking the smart Home Theater System as an example, the demand for improving people's living quality naturally favors smart Home Theater systems. , And the installation of a home theater intelligent control system is more embodies the perfection and high pursuit of home intelligence technology. How to install and build a smart home theater system?

How about a smart home home theater system? Analysis of Building Skills of Smart Home Home Theater System

Home Theater Intelligent Control System - What is a Home Theater

Home theater refers to the simulation of a more professional audiovisual screening site at home. The audiovisual equipment for the average family is usually an all-in-one television set. All the video frames are from the television. The home theater is composed of multiple specialized devices. Become a video output module. In a nutshell, home theaters can be understood by synthesizing two concepts: the "home theater standard" and the "playing system for playing movies in the home environment."

Home Theater Intelligent Control System - Powerful Benefits

Bid farewell to cumbersome: Put aside many remote controllers for ordinary home audio and video products, bid farewell to the cumbersome steps, and you can start movies, adjust lighting, and set temperatures with a touch of a smart phone or computer. Watching half-way to leave? Pause the movie, the system will automatically brighten the light by 50% to avoid bump injuries;

How about a smart home home theater system? Analysis of Building Skills of Smart Home Home Theater System

Watch at the same time: If you want to see videos in several rooms at the same time, or send satellite signals and play media to each room, Control4 can use its cutting-edge technology to help you achieve your goals.

Fit one: You have a TV set, an AV, a DVD, maybe a satellite receiver, a cable tuner and a DVR, and even a game console and media player. With so many device remotes, you need to take care to remember Each use, but also use a dedicated space to accommodate the remote control. However, with Control4, it can help you to N one, only need a smart phone, or a computer, you can control all playback devices.

Intelligent Control: With just one tap, movie playback, dimming of lights, and closing of curtains can be combined with other smart home systems to set up scenes. For example, when the movie is playing, you can control the light, darkness, curtain switch, and room temperature with one key, and you can also open the security system so that you can enjoy watching a film with peace of mind. If someone presses the doorbell, the movie will automatically pause. You can even see the person coming in through the touch screen and open the door without leaving the sofa.

Analysis of Construction Skills of Home Theater System in Smart Home:

How about a smart home home theater system? Analysis of Building Skills of Smart Home Home Theater System

1, home theater system equipment not used for a long time, to drive dampness and dehumidification

In daily life, many of us have such a habit. In order to save electricity, we regret to cut off the power selectively when we run out of equipment. Although this practice is not wrong, especially users like Xiaobian living in the south need to pay special attention to it. During the rainy season in the south, the weather is humid, and the humidity is too high to affect the use of equipment and excessive moisture in the air. It will infiltrate every part of AV equipment and cause adverse effects. At this time, if you do not use the equipment for a long time, you have to turn it on, press the switch, let it work for a while, and use the heat inside the machine to disperse moisture.

2. The effect of wire arrangement on sound quality

Many people are very willing to connect the wire, no matter how the connector is connected, how to place, then regardless of not asking, let it run its course. If you make mistakes, the wires will interfere with each other if they play in a circle, side by side or in a disorderly direction. There are noises and even squeaks. In addition, if the connector is not secure, the connector is prone to oxidation or dirt, which also affects the sound quality.

3, on the power of the positive and negative electrode

Many people may ignore the impact of the positive and negative poles of the power supply plug on the entire system. A set of positive and negatively processed systems is clearly structured and accurate. The positive and negative of the so-called power plug refers to the correct access equipment of the neutral and live wires of the AC, which is the absolute phase of the so-called equipment. If a system's equipment is not in the same power phase, the high frequency of the sound will be blurred and the low frequency bounce will be poor. The methods for measuring the positive and negative voltages are: First, find the 0 line of the socket to be used, remove all the wires of the tested device except the power line, and use the multimeter's AC file to measure the shell between the device and the power line. Voltage, make a note of the reading, and then insert the power plug of the equipment back into the socket, write down the voltage between the housing and the 0 line, and take the low reading to be the correct interpolation.

How about a smart home home theater system? Analysis of Building Skills of Smart Home Home Theater System

4, home theater design is necessary to local conditions

Many people try to imitate the effects of various other people's home theaters, make a random pass, and do not understand the situation of their own equipment, do not look how hot you play, to imitate, such as people long household signal lines, short speaker cable works well, This is because both its front and rear stages and laser machines are balanced. If your equipment is not balanced, it is difficult to achieve the same effect. Finally, "Efficacy is effective."

The home theater intelligent control system is powerful, helping us bid farewell to the operating troubles, environmental impacts and various factors, so that we have a more distinguished enjoyment at home. A single click can make life more colorful and colorful. Home theater intelligent control system will be the most worthy of your home improvement. But often in daily care, many people overlook a lot of details, leading to a short home theater system life. These are some of the maintenance methods for smart home audio and video systems, and we hope to help everyone.

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