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My Starter Home Theater System


I was born in the 88th year. Our generation of people just caught up with the rapid development of electronic technology in the world, and we are growing together with our age. When I was in my third year of elementary school, I had the privilege of hosting for six months at a noble school in Luoyang. At that time, the VCD was only recently becoming popular. Every night when I was studying in the classroom, a teacher would always take several DVDs. I put it on the television in the classroom. It was also the first time I got in contact with the movie. At that time, I was deeply affected by the "Hurricane's Disaster" and "Titanic" (which I could probably remember). That shock really moved my young soul deeply. What a movie can do is so realistic, so terrible, so many people are dead, what is the film? The two words from this movie are imprinted in my heart. Later, as he grew older, he rented DVDs to watch some of Jurassic Park, Mummy, and Starship Troopers. Later, computers and networks developed rapidly. The movie looks more and more convenient. I was very interested in the sci-fi type movie at the earliest, sometimes even dreaming at night, dreaming of aliens, dreaming of tanks flying in the sky, and so on. . Now I like to watch movies that can shake people's minds. Recently I read "Captain Philip" is pretty good (it seems like last year's movie), think about the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, high school - university - work, electronic technology, and the speed of development of digital products Rising, the hands of electronic products MP3, MP4, psp, not a half year, updated and better come out. As my age continues to grow, I have the idea of creating my own Home Theater.

When I was married in 12 years, there would be at least a good entry projector for tens of thousands of people. For me as a third-tier town dweller, this cannot be taken into account. Since the furniture is home-made during the wedding, Don't despise me. It seems that nowadays society is very common. If you just married for a few years, you really cannot get much of your own and you have to depend on your family. Therefore, I don’t say anything. The family only buys regular products for the public. TV, but fortunately I still have the right to speak. I restricted the brand, Panasonic plasma. At that time, the price was probably more than 5,000 bars. The 46-inch plasma picture quality was really not what I was saying. I didn't know much better than LCD. The colors are put together to create a contrast effect.

However, I have left a hand. For my home theater dream, taking advantage of my family's family, I spent nearly 5,000 yuan in private money (to get married and work for a few years to give my family money) and bought a set of audio equipment. YAMAHA 8900 Kit, 7900 surround, v371 amplifier, SW011 subwoofer, KPX500 reverb, 105 microphone. I have no friends playing sound around this stuff, but also a small county in the third tier, there is no sound shop can audition, only to find information on the Internet, now can not remember how to choose YAMAHA, one of the total road went black, is YAMAHA. I bought my family and told me that I had lost my family. I bought a stereo with 3,000 (dare to say 5000), but that would be married and happy. Soon it passed. Haha. The player uses a picturesque R5, external 2T hard drive. In this way, with the television set, my home theater is simple enough. A picture of a few television shows. Due to the purchase of a few years ago, Taobao's shop did not do at the time, the purchase record screenshots on the previous page, everyone will search for Taobao.

In fact, I haven't seen any other players, so I didn't compare them. I thought I was very good because my friends came to my house to watch movies and sing songs. It's nice to say that the kind of telepresence at the time of watching movies, plus a separate subwoofer, has a wooden feel.

This settled for a few years. When this year, casually browsing the Internet on that day, I found that the price of the projector has dropped to about 6000. The heart of my peace of mind began to tickle again, and then began to search for various models and began. Contrast, than the price, quality, than color, comprehensive consideration, initially set in BenQ 1070, Acer 6510BD, Epson 5200, and then search on Taobao, only to find that the original price of Japan is so cheap, cheaper than China, thousands, Began to search for purchasing, at this time, the protagonist of the story appeared, what? Aunt Zhang is right, that is, Aunt Zhang, where the netizen's own evaluation is really great, very detailed and real. In the end, the Epson TW-5200 was chosen because it is cheap and has good color and no rainbow eyes. . . . Taobao bought directly, there is no Japan-Asian purchasing, too much trouble, and tax is more expensive than Taobao buy hundreds of pieces.

La La La, skip the receiving process, directly unboxing installation, because, too excited, out of the box did not take photos. Also by the way, bought a rack, 106-inch frame screen, 2 pairs of 3D glasses. 12 meters long HDMI cable. At the time of the purchase of screenshots and connection cards (Taobao card is not allowed, only on the Taobao search card, I did not identify how to insert for a long time, just on the card of Jingdong it).

First of all, I would like to draw a few pictures on a white wall. This color, nothing said, and plasma fight. Really bright, surprise ah. .

Well, the next formal installation process, first put the frame screen, the frame screen to express at 8 o'clock since the mention, the small county, express that is too long (fast 3 meters), no car to me, the results of their own farts fart Toss himself to drive, my small QQ directly rear seats down, trunk open, and then from the copilot to the back trunk, so the trunk door open to the home. Then he arrived at home from unboxing to loading until half past one-half. Haha, excited, couldn't sleep, and he was asleep after unblinding.

When I bought the picture frame screen, I also considered the electric screen. With a 106-inch electric screen, the price of Taobao was much lower than the picture frame screen, but my house decoration did not leave a dark screen for the electric curtain, and I said that the grade of the picture frame was on the screen, and then it was 630 yuan. Buying a 106-inch picture frame screen, the border aluminum edging black velvet, is indeed very beautiful, very high-grade looks, the screen material is also very white, very soft (I do not know the screen, do not know what material, the store introduced is white plastic What kind of glass fiber, there is a certain degree of elasticity, root dermis feels a bit like, surrounded by four steel bars hanging on the border, very flat, no wrinkles.

Get up early the next morning, by the call hammer, went to the hardware store to buy today's wires, sockets (for projection), φ8, φ10 hammer drills and so on. TV finally retired, took down the TV, removed the wall rack, replaced the projection screen.

After changing the video wall, it feels sour and refreshing. The 106-inch LCD screen basically fills the entire video wall. The feeling is that the movie theater is coming. Excited, adrenaline hormones fill up instantly. .

Then hang the projector on the wall, according to the size of the downloaded Chinese instructions on the amount of ah, count ah, and then hit the wall. Give everybody a little trick, tape the old newspapers and hang them under the eye, so that the ash that hits the eye directly falls on the newspaper and will not soil the house. (After half a day, I found that there is no close-up picture on the wall. Now write this article in the office. We endure it. There will be a long-term picture.)

After finishing the wall, I discovered that the most tragic thing came. If it took more than an hour, the result was still wrong. In the instruction manual, the lens was lifted from the projection screen down to a dozen or so centimeters. God, I counted. Into a dozen or so centimeters from the top, the mistake is twenty or thirty centimeters. As a result, after the wall is thrown, the picture isn't even on the full screen. It's just that the camera is turned down. The result is a narrower width. , Focus on the bottom of the details of the top part is not clear, the difference is not a lot, do not feel when watching a movie, they are too lazy to bored, and tragedy.

After the trial machine, well, then wiring, cloth HDMI cable, power cord. Before the decoration was not embedded, so the line ran around from the sliding window so that it could not be seen. It did not affect the appearance. The power cord leads directly from the socket on the back of the sofa and connects to the projector.

Ok, so far, all completed, on the panorama.

How about, not bad, on a few screen shot map, the actual effect is better than the picture, glory 6 according to the phone is not as good as the camera.

Beautiful picture of the boot

Leg combination, the color is indeed very bright, and some really have a fight with the plasma.

Black Hawk Falls

iron Man

3D movies, the screen is mixed, glasses can be effective, say the next 3D, why say 3D projection DLP is king? (I haven't seen the DLP projection.) I think Epson is quite awesome. It has a few 3D features. There are a few animations in the "Fantasy Rafting of Junior Pi" and "Avatar." It's quite awesome, with an oversized screen. The kind of effect that comes out of the screen is really not comparable to television. In particular, the films I put are all Blu-ray suppressed. Generally, 2D movies are less than 10G, 3D movies are 20G, and Blu-ray discs are really too big. How to say it, the difference will not be great, are 1080P, 5.1 channel, the original disk too much capacity, generally still suppress the actual point. The home network is 20M fiber, download a movie or very fast, are downloading, online watching, first channel is 2.0, no stereo effect, and my box was bought early, online support is not good, now Looks like two or three hundred boxes online should be very convenient.

Review the next TW-5200, really feel good, the noise is indeed a bit large, can be ignored when watching a movie, this problem can be ignored, the color is really bright, bright and bright projection distance, then my living room wall to wall is 3.5 meters , Remove the projection and the screen, probably less than 3.2 meters, you can vote 106 inches, the actual point can be enlarged, may be close to 120 inches, not actually measured. Another said, sitting on the sofa to see the screen is almost 3 meters away, 106 inches is already available, not dizzy, not too small, shocking effect is very strong. 3D effect with the big screen super cool, language from childhood is not good, do not know what word is good, in short, very good.

And then a few more pictures of my audio, after all, the title is YAMAHA audio.

Main speaker

Main speaker parameters


Subwoofer parameters


Surround the back

Central, Power Amplifier, reverb, player, etc.

The microphone wire is very soft and light, very good, the sound quality will not be commented on, home karaoke just enough.

Almost, here it is over. As an entry-level cinema, the total price is less than 10,000. I think it's very suitable for the working class who wants to establish a home theater economy, but it's not very full. They watch movies and sing in their own home. Enjoy it. .