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Pieces of broken pieces read thirty-one


The Q5 of a small friend left me for a while and I have been hosting this for a long time. Another small partner bought the Rover's S2000MK2, because the price is relatively poor is not too much, reluctantly can be considered the same price of goods, so a simple comparison, with this article.

In order to make up for the space, it is still the first shameless look. Friends who are only interested in sound should drag directly to the end.

One. Edifier S2000MK2

Let's start with packed walkers. This product has been very hot recently, guns are frequent, and there are a lot of busy organizations, acclaim. For this kind of evaluation, I generally do not believe, just happened to buy a friend, I will come to find out.

The price of the goods is not cheap, and the discount has to be more than 1,600. The price is similar to that of Aunt Zhang's regular customer PreSonus E5.

The S2kMK2's box is quite large, with a 5-inch cell phone in the lower left corner. The box printing is more refined. At first sight, it is a serious civil product. Like the real M series or black and white patterns printed on the kraft paper, it looks like a thief cottage, do not give up at all, you simply can not think of the two broken cardboard boxes filled with a pair of eight thousand and eight thousand things; and sound Hui Q5 is There are no patterns at all in the kraft box. It's too shabby. It's just like three products. . .

The width of the box is also very impressive. After all, they have a pair of 5-inch big guys.

The first reaction of many friends is to get a big speaker. . . For many friends who have transitioned from a couple of hundred and 2.1 small boxes, the volume of these two is indeed a giant. To be honest, the volume of this product is not suitable for putting on the tabletop at all. Putting a TV cabinet or using a tripod stand on both sides of the desk is a good choice.

Supplied with an interconnect cable, a 3.5-inch red-white rca, an optical fiber, and a remote control.

The box body adopts an asymmetrical design, and the control and input and output are on one side, and the electricity only needs to be connected on one side.

The s2000mk2 input is quite rich, with two sets of RCA, one coaxial rca, and one fiber input. With coaxial and fiber optics, direct decoding for multimedia applications is very convenient, you can directly connect the TV box, Blu-ray player and TV, multimedia application positioning is very clear. This can be derived from a lot of usage, such as the TV box coaxial speakers, do not need to turn on the TV, just need to power the TV box, you can use mobile streaming software such as qq music or dlna or airplay to the TV box, direct play Streaming music.

Both sides of the box use solid wood, good color, not very deep, it is not so old. However, it is not a whole piece. In the middle, you can see more obvious stitching marks. However, I think, this appearance is still too much like the Swans, you can not do something else, or in the box itself to make efforts. . .

The bottom of the speaker has four big lining feet.

Speaker's high-frequency horn, the use of a flat diaphragm, because the flat panel headset overwhelmed the headset's high-end products in the past two years, basically the high-end is the trend of flat and electrostatic Chamber resistance, a flat panel unit, I feel great, but in fact the tablet Diaphragm is not very advanced, relatively simple, and flat headphones still have a certain gap. Will elaborate later.

The low-frequency unit is 5.5 inches in size. Larger low-frequency units can bring more relaxed sound and better low-frequency dive. This is a natural advantage of large units. However, if the unit is large, it will consume more energy to achieve the same vibration speed as the small unit, and the requirements for the Power Amplifier will be higher. In addition, the large volume of low-frequency sensation and dive brought by the large unit will cause more serious standing wave problems. The small room is very easy to hold. Personal advice is not to be greedy unless it can be processed. Otherwise, the desktop is 3-4 inches. , Small living room 5-6 inches, preferably a bookshelf box, not a good environment more than 8 inches careful choice, landing no conditions do not engage.

The S2000mk2 looses a remote control. Since the adjustment knobs are all behind, the operation is very inconvenient and this remote control is very useful. However, I want Tucao is that this remote control is really too large, personally think that made remote control device such as millet box remote control or Yang Jing mini is more appropriate.

The arc on the back of the remote control is rather awkward. It also left a groove for the index finger.

The appearance first, the voice said later.

II. Sound Hui Q5

Q5 is a 5-inch sound speaker, and the price is relatively cheap. The new 2k6, used about 1k9, the price is fairly approachable.

This box is a friend who wants to come out and deposit with me. I will listen to it for more than a month.

Q5 is two layers of kraft paper box set with plastic foam shock absorbers, about equal to no packaging, or directly display the box well.

Q5's cabinet looks more like a traditional monitor. Compared to adam's, there is no such thing as a civilian product, but personally it is not difficult to see. In addition, unlike the S2000MK2, the Q5 is a serious monitor box. The two are exactly the same, and the serial number ensures that the pairing is adjusted. This speaker has a slightly painful place, each speaker has an independent power amplifier circuit, so each need a power supply, count the pre-level, then you need three power jack, when you turn off the power For each subswitch, I can say that a large part of my reason for playing passive is because the combined amplifier only occupies one jack. . .

Q5 supports XLR or RCA input, and it is still relatively friendly to low-end machines. It can also connect directly to a PC. Only the XLR box is still more than a headache, after all, RCA and XLR levels are not the same, there is still a loss with the sound of cattle-free adapter.

In addition, as the monitor box also has a corresponding high and low frequency adjustment, high frequency attenuation is still very effective when close to the wall, low frequency attenuation -4 after the decline is very obvious, far from the s2000mk2 knob can be compared. The guide hole is located at the top and rear, rectangular, and it is convenient to hold the box.

The bottom of the box does not have any lining feet, leaving a tripod interface. However, since there are no floor mats, it is still not appropriate to put them directly on the table. It is better to place a sponge pad or a pair of iso suspensions.

The high-frequency part of Q5 uses a pneumatic tweeter, and its inventor is Dr. Haier of Germany, also known as Haier treble.

The low-frequency unit of Q5 is 5.25 inches, slightly smaller than the S2000MK2.

Q5 comes with a volume control knob and can be used without a pre-order. However, the independent sound adjustment of the left and right channels, to achieve the exact same volume, will compel patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder to die. . .

III. Comparison of appearance and sound quality

In terms of appearance, the S2000MK2 is still relatively good-looking, Q5 is more simple. The width is similar to the two, and the height is much higher than the s2000MK2. For the horn, one treble is flat and one is Haier, and the LF unit is almost big.

Seen from the side door, the s2000mk2 is much larger and is more suitable for use in the living room or on the sides of the desk with a tripod stand. The Q5 is slim and can be used on the desk.

The comparison audition uses a notebook with daphile +int 204 as the audio source, decoding is nvision 4000, and the former uses the former part of Langquan 50A and the breeze imitation mbl6010d premium version, and the Passive Speaker uses the Langquan 50A driver. The speaker is placed on the TV cabinet, and the tripod uses an iso suspension stand.

The S2000MK2's gun text has more renderings for its flat-panel high-frequency unit, but in fact I personally feel it is more common. Compared with the Haier treble of Q5, it is slightly better than the extension or fineness. In addition, according to my impression of the flat-panel headphones, the tablet unit should be soft and delicate, but the s2000mk2 flat-panel treble is not only not soft, the sound is still a bit hard. The high frequency of Q5 is actually not considered soft, and it is slightly dry. The texture of the instrument is slightly worse than my full-frequency bookshelf. The M2000mk2 is already stiff compared to Q5, and it seems to be a comparison when listening to a violin. Sharp and dry.

IF, s2000mk2 performance is acceptable. S2000mk2's mid-range projections, slightly stained, making popular male voice more pleased with the ears, because there is no ability to stick flat treble light, female voice slightly less. The analysis of s2000mk2 is slightly weaker, and the sound is a bit confusing. The details are somewhat unclear.

In terms of density, s2000mk2 is acceptable, and q5 is almost the same, but there are some gaps in control.

As a multimedia box, and cheaper than Q5, the sound quality is better than Q5, which is understandable. After all, the highlight of multimedia speakers is multimedia, and TV movies and games are big heads. However, to my surprise, despite the fact that both the cabinet and the unit are larger, the low-frequency sense of s2000mk2 has no obvious advantage over the full-frequency bookshelf, which is slightly worse than the Q5 without attenuation.

On dive, s2000mk2 can bully and bully 4-inch small full-range, obviously not as good as Q5. And s2000mk2 did not get rid of the s1000 problem, low-frequency more promiscuous, some cover the midrange, the greater the volume the more serious. In fact, in the use of multimedia, in the face of Q5, s2000mk2 simply can not get any cheap.

Personally, the multimedia box lost slightly to the monitor box in multimedia applications. . . . However, taking into account the s2000mk2 built-in decoding, fiber and coaxial input, you can save a decoder's expenses, and q5 generally deserves a Yang Jing mini i pro or mojo to be more comfortable to use, in fact, does not count A price thing.

Finally, let's take a look at the m030. When I first bought the box, I would very much like to buy M040. Before there was activity in the red sandalwood, I first applied for m040, and later some friends applied for 030. However, my friend arrived earlier than I did. I waited for a week without news. I couldn't bear to live alone. I went to the friend’s house with my amplifier and box.

M030 as a 5-inch box, the volume is very small, almost the same size and Q5, continued consistent oval appearance, very Q. However, unlike the 8XXX series and the G series, this product does not use foot pads, but grows two legs. These two legs have great mysteries, hidden below the guide hole. Due to the lower inverting hole, m030 requires less environment than the rear guide hole box, and it is more convenient to use on the table.

Although the same is a 5-inch box, the density of the M030 can be very different from the q5, and the texture of the instrument is better than my full range. On the high frequency, m030 is not bright, the mid-frequency is slightly protruding, the low-frequency sense is not too great, the texture is very outstanding, and the dive is excellent. It can be said that what I have heard in the small box is not yet comparable to the real low-frequency. , if it is to take into account the use of multimedia, it is very appropriate. Before I saw someone ridiculing 8010 is a 3-inch box without low frequency, I recommend listening to personally. Compared to many 45-inch bargains, the 8010 may not be particularly disadvantaged. Of course, if you want to compare with six or seven inches, then you are happy.

However, the overall sound of the m030 is still a little white, the sound is very positive, the texture of the instrument is also very good, but it is not attractive, and Baia feels the same to me. So in the end I still gave up the initiative.

Four. Summary

In general, s2000mk2 has been exaggerated by the media. Compared to s1000, personally feel that the improvement of sound quality is not worth using so much difference. If it is only multimedia applications, then personally feel that s1000 is enough, if you want to buy more expensive, then PreSonus E5, sound Hui Q5 will be a better choice and there is no need to purchase s2000mk2. Personally think that s2000mk2 is not worth buying. If the home has a shaped Hifi System, Q5 performance will be significantly better than s2000mk2. Yang Jing Mini i Pro was introduced before, with Q5 is a very good entry-level Active Speaker with. The sound may not be poisonous, but there is no slot, and the appearance of multimedia applications is not bad.

The end of this single drying, thanks for watching.

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